Construction Update –> March 9, 2018

During the March Break, the fences that will stage the construction for our long-awaited addition will be erected and construction will begin. Fences will be located at both sides of the school – one by the gym area and one by the kindergarten/primary are.  The second fence will wrap around the tarmac area on the side of the school beside portable one and continue on down the side of the school yard.  This fence will affect access to the back of the school by the kindergarten area. It will now be necessary for those students who access this area to use the sidewalk in front of the school to get to their entrance doors in the morning and to make their way home after school. The fencing will also mean that students will not have access into the school via the doors by the primary entrance. These students will be lining up outside the middle doors at the back.  The classrooms affected by any changes have practised their new entry and exit routines so that they are ready for when we get back from March Break.

We will continue to use School-Day to keep you posted of any construction updates.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.