The staff at Ryerson is very excited about welcoming back our students next week. The first days of school will look very different from other years. A reminder to parents that we will be staggering the start of our students from Monday to Thursday next week so that by Friday we will have all of our in-person students at school. Students whose last names begin with the letters A – L will come to school Monday, Wednesday and Friday of next week. Students whose last names begin with the letters M – Z will come to school Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Everyone at Ryerson has been working hard to ensure that we are ready to welcome our raptors back next week. Staff have participated in training sessions involving Health, Safety and Wellness for students as well as themselves. Our school building has been supplied with all of the materials and equipment necessary for social distancing, hand hygiene and personal protective materials (e,g., masks and shields). Not only have we been preparing for the physical safety of our school, educators have been planning engaging activities for students to get them ready for learning. Our motto is that we all need to be safe and happy so that we can all learn together.

Since so much has changed and the first few days of school will look very different, we have prepared a short video that we hope will help you prepare for next week.

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Have a wonderful weekend! We look forward to seeing our students next week!


Mrs. Kuntz and Mr. Dickie