Ryerson P.S. is a state-of-the-art building with lots of valuable technology to support learning.

frontrowEach learning space is equipped with a Front Row sound system. There is teacher microphone that is worn around the neck and a student hand-held microphone as well. This system amplifies and distributes voices evenly through the room.

smartEvery classroom at Ryerson has a SMARTBoard mounted on the wall. The new boards have a data projector attached at the top for better viewing and less disruptions to the viewing screen. Classes have been using the boards for various purposes. It’s a great way to get interactive with learning.

documentcameraThere is a SMART document camera in each classroom. With this equipment, we can view sample of student work, display both 2D and 3D images, capture and save projected images into computer files, and more!

laptopsEach regular classroom is using a MacBook laptop to run the SMARTBoard and for teacher use. Teachers are able to plan, prepare, assess and report from anywhere in our school with our wireless internet access!


ipodsRyerson supports learning in any space with the use of mobile technology! Each class in grades 1 – 6 have five iPod touch devices assigned to their classroom. There is also a full class set of devices that can be signed out for specific activities. With many educational apps installed, these mobile learning tools have a wide variety of uses, from research and reference, learning games, or drawing and photo creation, and much more.

ipadThe grade 1-6 classrooms are using a school set of 20 iPads that are shared through a class sign out. Each of our Kindergarten programs have 2 devices to work with our youngest Raptors. The school iPads are used for a wide variety of learning activities from reading and writing, to music, art, science, and math. Many creative projects and social media connections are shared using these devices.

kidblogMany of the classes at Ryerson are using Kidblog.org for their classroom blog sites. Check with your child’s teacher(s) for the specific blog address for their class for the current school year!

Digital Citizenship

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