Ryerson raptor

Check out our virtual Tour of the School created by the students in Gill-Ville!

Our School

Ryerson Public School is located in Cambridge, in the area affectionately known as Preston. September 2010 was an exciting time in Ryerson history as we opened a new state of the art, technology-focused school. Our community also grew as we welcomed students who formerly attended Silverheights P.S. as well as the area Enrichment class for grade 5 and 6. While the size of the Ryerson Community has grown, the caring community and dedicated staff stays the same.

Our Students

We have an amazing group of students. Our current enrollment sits at approximately 520 students. Included in our student population are two special education area class programs that draw students from across the entire Waterloo Region. When our students finish grade six they usually move on to William G. Davis Senior Public School and then on to Preston High School.

Our Mascot

Our school mascot is the Ryerson Raptor. After a contest and voting process, the students of Ryerson chose the Raptor to represent the school.